How Does SlabWare Work?

Slabware is 100% online through a web-based cloud server in the US. There’s no software for you to download or programs to install.

Once you sign up for your free trial we provide you with a web address for your customer-facing SlabWare website.

You can use the web address we provide or use your own.
You can even start with the default address and change it once you’ve gotten started.

Your SlabWare website can be both a homepage and website for your business and a live inventory for you to display your slabs to customers.

If you already have a website that you love, you can still use SlabWare’s inventory management features by creating a link on your existing website to your SlabWare inventory.

Back End and Front End

Along with the customer-facing website SlabWare also includes an administration center, or Back End.

It will be available at the same web address you choose for your SlabWare website with a “/backendgranite” extension.

For example, if your SlabWare website has the address “" then your Back End would be found at "”.

Back End

This is where you can manage your inventory, upload photos, maintain your customer database, track orders and estimates, send emails and offers, and more.
It is only open to authorized users from your company.

Front End

This contains your live inventory!
Materials and photos that you upload to your “Back End” will be available here on your SlabWare Front End for your customers to see.

We encourage you to make a free trial and see how easy it is to organize and manage your inventory with SlabWare!